100 Day Practice

What is the 100 Day Practice?

Our vision is to provide partnership, support, encouragement, accountability and a safe place to share about your practice journey. A daily practice creates new healthy habits while becoming more proficient at a skill over time. Make a promise to yourself to grow and explore the nature of your being through a daily practice. Join us now, our next Day 1 is April 27th, 2019!  

The Next DAY ONE is April 27, 2019

We Commit


Change requires support. Practicing for 100 Days takes endurance and a proper mental attitude which can change your overall life experience. If you really want things to be different choose a daily practice. 


What are you goals? Fitness, playing a musical instrument, learning to meditate? You decide and take daily action. We'll hold the space for your success every-single-day. 


Are ready for a more focused and intentional life? What do you want to get better at? If you are not sure what to practice we can design a program for you to meet your goals. Join us because...we commit.

On Day 1...

We make 'Allies to Our Commitments'....Leading to Personal Transformation....all the way to Day 100.

Together we can do this!



“Thank you for your support! I learned that being specific is terrific. Clarity sprinkled with compassion as needed made my journey a success.” ~ Love to all, Suzanne 


" I cannot believe it is over so soon! I feel amazing that I have committed to some sort of practice daily, it may only be a few minutes but its happening! Thanks so much for your continuing inspiration. " ~ Don


"Auspicious for reasons i cannot say here that practice ended yesterday. This path took me where i needed to be, but not in way i expected. This cyber realm was put to good use here in both practice and transformation. Truly grateful. what's next?" ~ Jean 

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Discover the nature of your being through practice. You decide what, when and for how long your daily practice is and we'll hold the space for commitment to happen. This is a judgement free zone. You are your own boss here. We'll also offer practice tips along the way. After all, we'll be practicing daily right along side of you. For less than $0.50 a day you can join us. We meet on a closed Facebook page created just for this group to communicate, and track progress.  

100 Day Practice

Jamee Culbertson, Director

(617) 290-7102

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